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Asking $100.00

Black Scala Floral Embroidery Beads Sequins Medium Fits Small Asymetrical One Shoulder Dress

Up for bid is the (oh so sexy!) black Scala sequin asymmetrical cocktail halter dress.  It is a one shoulder dress as shown on the black mannequin or a "wrap around your neck" halter style, which exposes both of your shoulders, but provides adequate coverage for your breasts.  Your left knee may be exposed.  The size tag is M (Medium)--but it narrows in at the waist to make it look smaller--so please note the measurements, which are as follows:

Length:                    57 unevened inches
Arm pit to arm pit:   16 inches (32 inches doubled)
Waist:                     14 inches (28 inches doubled)
Hips:                       20 inches (40 inches doubled)

Additional Information

Side Zipper:   13 inches
Fabrics:          Shell: 100% Silk; Lining 100% Polyester
Care:             Do Not Dry Clean; Spot Clean Only.  Do not spray alcohol based product directly on  garment such as perfume or hair spray.

This halter dress is so beautiful.  The sheer overlay has black, silver, ornaments trailing downhill like a floral leaf pattern from the left to the right.  There are tiny beads and sequins that give it an elegant but sexy appeal.  The down slope angle border of the dress has leaves and stems that are rooted and intertwined with each other.  It's typical for any "after 5" event, and it's so glamorous.  This type of dress would be very appropriate for a "night on the town" such as a Hollywood premiere or an Academy awards show.  You will receive so many compliments.

Note: The dress gathers at the waist, which makes it look like a size "small."

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Asking $18.00

Lois Snyder Dani Max Black Stripe Small Dress

Up for sale is the Lois Snyder Dani Max dress. The easy comfort of this dress is made beautiful with the bold bright colors displayed on the bodice against a black background. It is stunning in its simplicity which has a straight falling A-line shape style with dolman sleeves and a rear zipper. The size tag is 6 P, and the measurements are as follows:

Length:                  36 inches
Shoulders:             15.5 inches (31 inches doubled)
Sleeves:                 9 inches
Arm pit to Arm pit: 18.5 inches (37 inches doubled)
Waist:                   15 inches (30 inches doubled)
Hips:                     18 inches (36 inches doubled)

Other features are as follows:

Shoulder pads
Rear Vent: 6 inches
Zipper:      24.5 inches
Fabric:       56 percent rayon, 44 percent acetate
Care:         Dry clean only

Note: There are openings in the lining on opposite sides of the zipper. These openings were put there for a reason--but they aren't holes; otherwise, this gently used dress is in pretty good condition without rips or stains, and it was made in the USA.

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Asking $24.00

Black Gold Carole Little Small Below Knee Long Sleeve Dress

Carole Little Long Sleeve Long Wool Acrylic Black Gold Appliques Dress Small S

Up for bid is the Carole Little dress. It is so stylish and beautifully detailed--it has a cozy look and feel to it with a pullover style and round neckline, long sleeves, and a rear vent. It features a top layer and an artful array of gold appliques or crochet trim details around the neckline and across the bodice which creates a rich, warm accent for this dress. The size tag is "S," and the measurements are as follows:

 Length 49-1/2 inches
 Shoulders: 15 inches
 Sleeves: 23 inches
 Arm pit to Armpit: 18 inches (36 inches doubled)
 Waist: 15-1/2 inches (31 inches doubled)
 Hips: 17-1/2 inches (35 inches doubled)

Fabrics: 70 percent acrylic, 30 percent wool;

Care:    Gentle hand wash, mild soap, no twisting, lay flat to dry

There are no stains, rips or holes, whatsoever, and the dress was made in Hong Kong.

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Asking $30.00

Black Jil Sander Pants Medium 38 Career Slacks

Up for bid is a pair of Jil Sander black pants. The size tag is 38 (USA "medium" according to the conversion chart), and the measurements are as follows:
Length: 35 inches
Waist: 16.5 inches (33 inches doubled)
Inseam: 25 inches
Hips: 19.5 inches (39 inches doubled)
Flare: 9.5 inches (19 inches doubled)
Rise: 11 inches

The pants have a 2-1/2 inch cuff. There is a pocket on each side seam, and these gently used pants have no holes, stains, or rips whatsoever.

The pants are light weight. They probably consists of a polyester rayon blend.

Country of Manufacture: Unknown             

Shipping ONLY

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Asking $18.00

Multicolored Venezia 14/16 Plaid Long Sleeve Layered Shirt

Up for sale is the Venezia layered plaid shirt, which features sequined threads throughout.  There is a horizontal elastic gathering across the top.  This shirt has a layered look (on the sleeves and bottom) without the bulk.  The size tag is 14/16, and the measurements are as follows:

•Length:                   24 inches
•Arm pit to arm pit:   22 inches
•Shoulders:              16 inches
•Sleeves:                 Short--6.5 inches; Long--23.5 inches
•Waist:                    22 inches

Also, there is a horizontal dart (6 inches) on the right and left side.

Additional Information

Fabric:          Cotton: 98%; Polyester 1%; Metallic: 1%
Care:            Machine wash, tumble dry

Front Snaps: 6

This shirt doesn't have any stains, holes, or snags, and it was made in China.

Shipping ONLY

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Asking $22.00

Multicolored Hot Cotton Medium M Button Front Short Sleeve Shirt

Up for sale is the multicolored Hot Cotton shirt.  This beautiful button down linen shirt has short sleeves and six buttons.  It is based in white with red, orange, and yellow flowers with olive green and maroon leaves.  This is truly a staple for the summer season.  The size tag is "M" (medium), and the measurements are as follows:

•Length:                    26.5 inches
•Shoulders:               16 inches
•Sleeves:                   8.5 inches
•Arm pit to arm pit:   21 inches (42 inches doubled)
•Waist:                      21 inches (42 inches doubled)

Additional Information
•Fabric: 100% Linen
•Care:   Machine wash warm, gentle cycle, no bleach, wash separately

I recommend using starch when ironing.  This shirt doesn't have any stains, holes, or worn areas, and it was made in the USA.

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Asking $25.00

Red Black Christopher Banks Small S Pullover Sweater

Up for bid is the Christopher & Banks sweater.  This sweater has black wool with gray threads woven in it.  The snowflake designs on the wrists and chest areas gives the sweater a wintery look.  There is a pocket on each side.   The size tag is S (small), and the measurements are as follows:

  • Length:                    24 inches
  • Shoulders:               17 inches (34 inches doubled)
  • Arm pit to arm pit:  20 inches (40 inches doubled)
  • Waist:                     19 inches (38 inches doubled) 
  • Sleeves:                  23-1/2 inches 

Additional Information

    • Zipper: 5-1/2 inches
  • Fabric: 65% Polyester, 35% Acrylic


  • Care:   Machine wash cold with like colors.  Wash inside out, gentle cycle, tumble dry low, warm iron.

There are no holes, stains, or snags, and this beautiful thick sweater was made in Macau.

Shipping ONLY

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