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Asking $300.00

Lot of 100 Hand Blown Boro Glass Mushroom Pendants - Assorted Colors

Up for auction is a lot of 100 brand new hand blown borosilicate 
glass mushroom pendants
The entire lot is selling for $300 flat, which comes out to $3 per pendant.
These pendants are all unique in their own individual way. 
In other words, the mushroom within the pendant comes in all different shapes, sizes and colors. 
The mushroom pendants as a whole average at about 1.25 inches in size
These pendants are all made using Schott borosilicate artistic glass rod. 
They are hand blown at Pass the Glass Studio located in West Kingston, Rhode Island, United States.
We accept PayPal ONLY!!!!
NO International Orders!!!!  
Please message with any questions you may have or if you wish to see additional pictures.
Thank You

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Necklaces & Pendants

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Asking $20.00

Glass Boro Frit Implosion Pendant - Pass the Glass Studio

This is a handblown glass boro lens implosion pendant. This particular pendant uses  green-exotic frit imploded through sublime. The diameter of the lens is 1 3/8 in. The pendant was handmade in West Kingston, Rhode Island, United States at Pass the Glass Studio.

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Beading & Jewelry-Making

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