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Handmade Wooden Rolling Toy

Made this nice wooden rolling toy that has ping pong balls inside it, hence the name Pingy Pongy.


The sides are made of natural maple and the spokes are made of oak.


Ping pong balls make a much softer easier clicking sound then solid wood balls.


Helps to develop major motor skills in your child and provide hours of fun enjoyment.


Toy is not finished but we do include a sample size of our handmade beeswax and mineral oil polish which should last for the life of the toy. When you apply it, it will help to keep the toy clean. Just a simple wipe off with a damp towel or sanitize wipe and you are ready to go. Also helps to keep the wood from drying out. Repeat application every few weeks to keep it n good condition.

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Child's School Desk from the 1950's

Found this unique children's desk at an estate sale. Cleaned it up and refinished.

Had some "scars" on the desktop but I have filled them in and you now have a smooth writing surface for your youngster.

Still has some age spots, but it is close to 60 years old. I scraped all old varnish, rust and chipping paint from metal. Wood looks to be Birch and all expose wood has 3 coats of Polyurethane and the desktop and seat has 4 coats. I then applied bowling alley wax to all surfaces, including metal. This desk will last you another 60 plus years easily.

I finished the metal in bright red to be more cheerful for your child's room rather then the original tan.

The chair swivels. Desktop can be adjust in height from 25" from floor to 30" and seat from 12" to 16" so the desk can "grow" with your young student.

This desk was built by Sit-Rite (NOT American Seating) and is unique in that the desk box is all wood rather then metal as in the American Seating models. I could find no more information about the desk or company however and they did not respond to an email I sent them.

The lid has a stay open hinge assembly. I added two oak "sticks" that can be flipped up to hold the lid level so your child can play with their Legos, coloring. toys, dolls and anything were a level surface is needed.

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Chalkboard Wall Art Distressed Handmade From 30 yr

Made these wall art plaques from a 30 year old white cedar picket fence I helped tear down.

They are blank so you can express yourself to your hearts content. Can be written on with standard chalk, chalk markers or both.

Fashioned 4" x 4" x 1.5" thick (chalkboard approx. 3.25" square) squares and 8" x 8" x 1.5" thick (chalkboard approx. 7.25" square) square. I then inserted 1/4" hardboard painted with chalkboard paint. You will receive one set of three pieces, two 4" squares and one 8" square as seen in the blank photo shot.

Can be hung various ways to achieve that special look. Hangs easily by attaching a screw, nail or picture hanger to the wall and then just place the "box" over it at either its side or corner (for diagonal hang). Board cleans easily with damp cloth. If there is a "ghost" image after cleaning chalk marker, use Mr Clean sponge to further clean and image is gone.

The chalkboard has been "primed" with chalk already and will look like the blank picture shot when you receive them. These pieces are distressed so what you receive may not look exactly as the pictures posted, but will be very similar.

Will ship anywhere ln USA for $8.00

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