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Arabica Wild Civet Coffee Beans - 426 Grams Kopi Luwak Uroasted Beans

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Arabica Wild Civet Coffee Beans - 426 Grams Kopi Luwak Uroasted Beans
Asking $69.00

15 Ounces Arabica WILD CIVET COFFEE Beans - Authentic Kopi LUWAK COFFEE Beans (UNROASTED)
This 100% Authentic Wild Civet Coffee, Not Caged Civet - 100% product of Indonesia

100% AUTHENTIC and The best coffe in the world with pure wild civet coffee beans! "The Truly Kopi Luwak Coffee is Here"


Pure Arabica Wild Civet Coffee
Available : Green Beans - UNROASTED
Weight : 426 Grams = 15 Ounces

Important :
Our Civet Coffee is Not Mixed or Blended with other types of coffee. Due to the fact that the production of civet coffee especially Wild Civet Coffee is very limited, pure civet coffee does not come cheap. a lot civet coffee out there with a low or very cheap price but some of them only use civet coffee as brand on their packaging (Not 100% pure civet coffee). We only source civet coffee from wild civets. Our civets are neither caged or farmed. The civets are free to move in the wild and hence with its natural instincts, they are able to choose the ripest coffee cherries for consumptions. As a result, we are able to produce the highest quality of civet coffee (kopi luwak) with exceptional smoothness and incredible taste.

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