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Stainless steel reusable 5 piece straw set

Did your favorite restaurant or coffee shop go eco-friendly and ditch the straws?
You don’t have to give sipping through a straw or settle for a soggy paper tube.

Now you can bring your straws with you with this 8 piece straw and brush set!
This bright, rainbow colored set includes 4 narrow diameter (.25”) in both bent and straight, 1 large diameter (.5”) straight, 2 brushes (.3” & .5”) in a handy and attractive black felt draw string bag.

Made of top grade 304 stainless steel these straws feel comfortable using, keeps your drink nice & cold all the way to the top, look great, and help keep our waterways clean.

Order a set for everyone in the family!

Product dimensions:
Bent: 1 @ 8.5”*.25”, 1 @ 9.5”*.25” (rainbow)
Straight: 1 @ 8.5”*.25”, 1 @ 9.5”*.25”, 1 @ 8.5”*.5” (rainbow)
Brushes: 1 @ 9.5”*.3”, 1 @ 9.5”*.5” (rainbow)
Bag: 9.8”*2.5” (black)

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Kitchen & Dining

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Asking $20.33

Re-usable stainless steel foldable straw with cleaning brush and key ring

A great idea to save plastic and paper waste while still using a straw for your favorite drinks!
Save landfill space and help keep your waterways clean with this awesome straw!


Bring this foldable straw everywhere you go, keep it close by with the included handy key chain ring.


The straw collapses into four sections and tucks neatly into the small sturdy case which includes a handy cleaning brush for easy clean up. Food-grade silicone tips protect glassware and teeth!


Stainless steel exterior sections and an interior medical grade TPE (BPA –free) straw can be used as a straight straw or the top section can be placed at an angle if desired. Useful and durable, this straw will fit almost all fast food and vacuum-aluminum mug lids.


Available in 9 colors: Wheat Straw (speckled) Pink, Wheat Straw Green, Wheat Straw Blue, Wheat Straw Yellow, Green, Gray, Pink, Blue, and Black.


Straw full dimensions:
OD - .35” - (9mm)
ID - .24” - (6mm)
Length – 9.1” - (23cm)

Case dimensions:
2.9”*1.3”*1.1” - (7.3cm *3.3cm*2.7cm)

Shipping ONLY
Kitchen & Dining

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Asking $28.33

Kids Airplane Jet School Bag Toddlers Backpack

The only thing more cool than this pack would be flying, just ask your budding pilot! Made of sturdy canvas and strong nylon straps, durable stitching keeps it all together to last for years to come.


The adjustable, padded straps will grow with your child and allow versatile carrying options while he or she is rushing to the next flight or playing pilot for the afternoon. Plenty of storage is available in the large interior pocket with easy to pull zippers keeping it all secure.


To top it all off, matching canvas flaps and wings combine to make the pack look like the “real thing”. Keep your child engaged and excited for their next plane trip!


Available in Sky Blue, Red, Pink, and Blue


Item size: 12.5x8.6 inches (32x22 cm)

Shipping ONLY
Kids Unisex

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