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The Illustrated Elvis by W.A.Harbinson (a pictorial biography)

Pictorial biography of Elvis Presley by W.A.Harbinson.  Published in 1976, it is still in good condition and is a great addition to your Elvis memorabilia!

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Peyton Manning Player of the year (2003-2004) plaque

Official 2003-2004 Photo File/NFL plaque (#00082257617)

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Sports Memorabilia

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Texas Rangers Jersey

Texas Rangers Majestic mens' (Size L) Road Gray jersey.

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Texas Rangers Jersey (plus accessories)

Jersey size:(M); Brand: Majestic.  Rangers gloves, Rangers car plates cover, and mini Ranger hard hat all in great condition. The jersey has one small cigarrete burn at bottom front.

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Vintage Avro Tutor 621 Two-Seat Basic Training Biplane K3215

From the annals of aviation history here is an exceptional antique replica of the classic biplane (built in 1933) used in pilot basic training during the interwar years. It is made of metal with a wingspan of 13". Makes a great shelf or desktop addition!

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