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Hi Everyone,

We all have to start from Feeback 0 here.

But to give you an idea what my feedback is like from other areas. Ebay name sunnywolfgar feedback is over 900+. And my other Ebay name is Mounds feedback is 297+. My Yard seller  name  Terry Devine,  I had just started selling there at Yardsellr about 3 months and got Feedback of  17 and then Yardsellr shut down.

I sell interesting odd and different stuff. There is always a treasure for anybody, you just got to find it. Right now trying to get some stuff moving along as in a few months we are moving and rather it go. Please make an offer. This needs to go.  So make that offer I may just take it !

Thanks for reading  and stopping by. you never know what you may see and got to haves.

Here today, gone tommorrow so get it while you can.

Sunny Treasures.