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Golden lettered shirt

IF you like 'gold' you'll like this shirt, still has tag on it, and never worn.

Not sure what I was thinking when I brought it, but until I prosper again, cannot see myself wearing such a shirt.

But may be right for you if in that 'zone' right now...that zone of self assuradness, prosperity and more.

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Asking $29.99

Champagne colored 'SUV' sandals


Just in time for Xmas, these are what I call 'SUV' of sandals, in that they are to your feet what a SUV vehicle is to drive.

These sandals offer both the comfort of off pavement walking, yet the style and class worthy of a dress, and night on the town.

Either way, limited supply so order your pair now.

Sizes 5-10, and come in half sizes as well.

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Asking $29.99

Champagne colored hybrid walking Sandals

Champagne colored hybrid sandals that are both comfortable to walk long distances in as well as elegant enough to wear on a night out on the city.

The feel and comfort of a athletic shoe, combined with the elegance of dress sandals combined to bring you what is the 'SUV' of sandals.

Have sizes 5-10 (one size 10 left)

Just ordered so limited quantity, but if sells well, will order more.

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