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1881 EAPG Three Presidents Bread Plate

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1881 EAPG Three Presidents Bread Plate
Asking $50.00

Rescued from a Barn Sale, this piece of American EAPG was released in 1881 following the assassination of President James A. Garfield to honor Garfield as well as Presidents Washington and Lincoln. Pressed in clear glass into a 12 ½ inch by 10 ¼ inch bread plate or tray, the busts of the 3 Presidents are underscored by the banners “GOD REIGNS”, “FIRST IN PEACE”, and “CHARITY FOR ALL”. The words “IN REMEMBRANCE” are placed around the exterior rim surrounded by a continuous laurel wreath. The edge of the tray is scalloped and beaded. At this time, the maker of this remarkable piece is undetermined.

There are minor wear marks indicating this piece has served time on someone’s dinner table. There is one extremely small air bubble to the left of the shield under the Presidents. Otherwise, there are no chips, cracks or other defects.

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