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COREL PAINTER X3 Windows Full (32 And 64 Bit)

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COREL PAINTER X3 Windows Full (32 And 64 Bit)
Asking $16.00

-System Requirent (Windows PC)
-MAX 12 hours delivery time!
-Completely working Full version
-We are ready for instant online support (7/24)
-We accept PayPal


Corel Painter X3 Windows 32 and 64 Bit

No matter what kind of art you create, with Corel® Painter® X3 you'll find all the tools you need to unlock new artistic possibilities. Work with hundreds of customizable brushes, paper textures and wet and dry media that look and feel just like the real thing! RealBristle™ technology replicates traditional art supplies more realistically than any other software on the market. Download a FREE trial now and see for yourself why Painter is changing what's possible in art.

Photo Art
As a photographer, you capture moments with your camera and transform them into of works of digital art. Painter X3 includes powerful image cloning and painting features, offering everything you need to create visually stunning photo art that will dazzle any viewer.

Traditional Art
As a traditional artist, you're all about using time-honored techniques and working with a blank canvas. Painter X3 lets you combine classic art practices with state-of-the-art Natural-Media® technology to create digital art that's every bit as impressive as anything you'll find on a physical canvas.

As an illustrator, you're able to tell a visual story that elicits emotions and gets results. Whether you're creating storyboards, developing art for a magazine, drawing comics and manga, or working on a book cover, Painter X3 is versatile illustration software that will help your art leave a lasting impression.

Concept Art
As a concept artist, you're dedicated to bringing incredible ideas to visual life. Whether you're creating fantasy art, or developing materials for film, television and video games, Painter X3 offers the professional tools you need to turn a creative concept into reality.

As a designer, you're all about creating art that speaks to a particular audience. Whether you're developing a print logo, working on images for a web page or creating industrial designs, with Painter X3 you'll get access to cutting-edge design software that will help you win over any audience.

Art for Beginners
Every creative journey begins with a single step. Whether you're a student, aspiring artist or someone simply looking to express their creativity, Painter X3 offers tools that are easy to use and learn. Plus, be sure to try Painter Lite, a versatile desktop app that provides everything you need to master the basics!

System Requirements

• Windows 8 (64-bit) or Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) (with latest Service Pack)
• Intel Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64 or AMD Opteron
• 2 GB RAM
• 450 MB hard disk space for application files*
• Mouse or tablet
• 1280 x 800 screen resolution
• DVD drive
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher

* Additional space may be required for Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

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-System Requirent (Windows PC)
-MAX 12 hours delivery time!
-Completely working Full version
-We are ready for instant online support (7/24)
-We accept PayPal

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