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Nightmare Before Christmas Trinket Box

What can I say about this box that the pictures dont already convey brilliantly? I will start by saying I was so excited to be done finishing this piece! It was a wonderful work for me. The finish is glorious, and brilliantly shiny, as the last two pictures will show. Go look and see. the shine is amazing. <3

6 in across, 4.5 in. deep, and 4 in tall. Top of box is hinged, and features a decoupage picture of the hill in the cemetery in front of the moon. Front of box has a hand painted complete scene from the cemetery, and the fence continues all the way around the base of the box on all sides. The other 3 sides in addition to having the fence, maintain the same color scheme of purple and yellow fading twilight.

The front of the box has decorative molding on either side

This is a long, hard labor of love, which took me a very long time to create, and I personally guarantee you will not find another like it anywhere. Boxes are made to order.

Also there are lots of different Nightmare Before Christmas Boxes in my shop, in all different sizes and shapes. I can even make a custom one for you. :-)

*Sihlouetted characters featured may vary slightly box to box. Also, boxes are procured by me as a supply. They come assembled, and blank, and unfinished, and i paint, decoupage, and finish them. Boxes can sometimes have areas where paint does not take, mainly where there is bleed over from glued seams. There is a preexisting condition of my supplies, and there is nothing i can do about this.*

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