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President Obama I CALL THE SHOTS Comedy Tee

Commander In Chief Obama "I Call The Shots" Comedy T-Shirt. Basketball is his favorite sport. Running America is his forte, therefore he says I CALL THE SHOTS.  Colors Available : Red, Yellow,  White, Turquoise,  Black.  Sizes : S,M,L,XL, 2XL and Up. For XL add $1 for 2XL add $2  for 3XL add $3 and so on.




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n&n Kandy Comedy Lady Tee

n&n Lady Comedy tee  will have you chuckling to an oblivion. It's a cap sleeve designed tee. The caps sleeve t-SHIRTS come in red, light blue,  light pink, black,  hot  pink, and royal blue. Sizes: S,M,L

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