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Custom Painted Tiger Rip Xbox 360 Controller

Asking $90.00
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Custom Painted Tiger Rip Xbox 360 Controller
Asking $90.00

Why GC911?:
- Make your friends extremely jealous with the many sick custom designs we offer!

- Our controllers are all 100% custom made to order. GC911 does NOT offer pre-painted controllers at a marked up price. You select the options...You control the price!
- GC911 guarantees 2-3 day delivery through UPS (domestic) for free. We also offer the cheapest shipping for international users!
- All of our products are genuine Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo brand. We do not take short cuts and lower the quality of our products for third party branded materials. 

- Our competitors use cheaper materials and a shoddier assembly process which results in a significantly less durable and reliable controller. We use  a refined process and the best materials available to ensure you, that your controller will last a life time!

- Customer satisfaction is our deepest desire, and this credo is what defines and distinguishes us in our industry
- Each order is hand painted by an actual artist! It's a pretty awesome feeling ordering, knowing someone is going to sit there for many hours hand painting, and personalizing your controller that you have ordered.-
- Our Clear Coat. It is solid, like a rock. You don't have to be extremely careful with it, the paint is guaranteed to never chip. Use it like a normal controller, just don't be too rough with it!
- Endless Possibilities. No too fond with the designs we have to offer?  Please note, prices are a bit higher for completely custom designs, email us with a budget in mind.
Here at GC911 we use the very best, high quality automotive paints available on our custom painted controllers. We not only paint the front shell of your controller but the back as well, setting us apart from many of our competitors. With our wide range of colors, and the ability to mix different paints together, the possibilities are truly endless. If you have a unique color in mind make sure to let us know what you're looking for and we will make it happen.

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