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     This is an assorted collection of Items that belonged to my Brother. I have managed to actually learn it just about by heart. This will be the 4th attempt to market these ~ often older than ~ expected, but still in the line of collectibles. I cant just throw them away. I cannot say  "no offer too small; but I will consider any reasonable offer made. I might even consider a Barter if it was in CA or FL   :) Haggle away!!!

      There is HISTORY here in this collection. I know there is alot of stuff out there floating around already, but to the right person, I am sure there is someone who wants to see it. Please tell your friends. 

      I have offered all sorts of pkg deals in the past. I want to let you know that he is able to look at this and see them. I have time into this. He is in CA. His Cars are in FL.  you can appreciate this situation between us. He was lucky to get them to FL. I wont go so far to say that he has stopped collecting, because he has not. However, he has had trouble staying "gainfully" employed. My father insisted I take them when I relcoated. He has since passed on. Many thing have changed for all of us in 11 years. 

      The cars reach back to the early 1970's. Last items added were in 2002-2003 Season. The mfg is assorted. It is not  hard to understand the packaging might be showing some signs of wear if it was NEW in 1985.  None of it Contents is "New"; however, there are plenty which are mint, as well as many that have never been opened. I feel that there is a wide assortment to offer. I have also imagined it would make a great "back drop / Shadow box " theme for a restaurant   or a  repair shop display. People like to have something to look at. Pretty soon there wont be any variety whatsoever for racing.

 This includes dragsters, funny cars, A nice spread of Various Drivers' who raced Nascar Professionally. Transports.  Nitro.  These Drivers' replica's he was able to get from Vendors' in a flea market setting outside Philly where he worked inSecurity. These people all knew him and they knew what he wanted. Biggest mistake I ever made was to listen to him early on when he arrived in CA. I let some things go that I shouldnt have done. He thought he was going to be further on than what he is. He loved his Dodge items. He even has 10 yrs of EDITTED (No commercials I beleive) of those drivers' Racing including  Dale Sr.


     Mostly you will need to bear with me & Humor me,  because I am not an avid race fan. I wont pretend to know a thing I dont know. Colin and I rarely speak of this anymore. He was kind of miffed at me for forcing the sale. I want the collateral I put out back. He has never been to my place since I moved. I'd like to take my spare time and my house back. I have held onto extra items so I could ship things out immediately, so you know if I am holding 25  tubs, that I have an ample amount of packaging to ship it safely.  I am really hoping someone will like what they see. Maybe a Fathers' day gift or a Graduation present for a son, or several grandchildren. I have offered to work on your terms If it would help. I wouldnt be opposed to packing it all onto a Pallet and seeing what the shipping would run if that would help sell it. I have many Local shipping options available. I am not far from Daytona, which is just over 2 months away.