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Maxliner Maxtray Cargo Liner D0128 2011-2019 Toyota Sienna

Maximum strength, incredibly good-looking, and the best fit is what the MAXLINER MAXTRAY cargo liner is all about! Cargo and trunk areas get the most abuse and typically have the most damaged factory carpet. Extend the life of your carpet and keep your vehicle looking sleek with this cargo liner. With its distinctive design, the MAXTRAY cargo liner has a raised lip and molded out edge to help to retain any moisture, dirt, mud, or grime. An intricate grooved pattern on the liner will channel any runoff and keep it from seeping onto your carpet. Manufactured from a low-density polyethylene material the cargo liner is going to resist any cracking, tearing, or extra wear. Utilizing a non-slip textured surface, you won't have to worry about the MAXTRAY slipping. Go ahead and mess up your cargo liner. Don't even worry about ruining it. The MAXTRAY is easy to clean by just simply rinsing it off. 

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