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Canon EFS 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Overview Equivalent to a 28-135mm lens, this new EF-S lens brings true wide-angle to tele coverage to EOS 60D, EOS 7D and Digital Rebel cameras. It has Canon's Image Stabilization system, allowing safe hand-holding at speeds up to three stops slower than otherwise possible. And of course, it's optically optimized for digital SLRs. A ring-type USM means both fast and silent AF, as well as full-time manual focus when in the AF mode.

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iPhone 5S 32 GB Verizon - NIB

A chip with 64-bit architecture. A fingerprint identity sensor. A better, faster camera. And an operating system built specifically for 64-bit. Any one of these features in a smartphone would make it ahead of its time. All of these features in a smartphone make it an iPhone that’s definitely ahead of its time. 32 GB

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