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8pc Super Plush Pink Makeup Brush Set w/ Carrying Case

Beauty makeup brush set is perfect for professional salons or personal use. This professional fashion cosmetic makeup brush set includes all the brushes that you′ll ever need to create perfectly polished makeup styles. You can be found what you need in the set. Each cosmetic brush in this set is individually handmade. Professional makeup brush set makes you have a natural and satisfactory look. Now the high quality cosmetic beauty brush set is at a great price. What are you waiting for? Come on; show your beauty with these makeup brushes!

◾Brushes are made of soft artificial fiber, rich strength, gentle touch, close fitting skin
◾Handle made of plastic and aluminum
◾Sophisticated, beautiful and practical
◾Comes with a pink leather case, easy to carry and store
◾Using these soft brushes gives you a daily massage every time
◾These beauty makeup brushes are safe and easy to clean by simply spraying rubbing alcohol of them to disinfect the brush after applications

1 x two-purpose eyebrow comb
1 x pink leather case
1 x powder/blush brush
1 x large round shadow brush
1 x small round shadow brush
1 x eye definer brush
1 x lipstick brush
1 x eyeliner brush
1 x eye applicator brush
Comes with a pink leather case, easy to carry and store

Perfect for professional salons or personal use 

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Pulse Massager Unit for Aches, Slimming, etc

*Please be careful when using, some settings are very powerful!*

Do you feel tired after work? Then, get this Massager! The use of massage has been a method of alternative medicine for centuries. In the last few decades, the body muscle massager has slowly taken on validity as a form of treatment due to its unique duality of relaxation and healing. Massage has grown into the world of sports, which includes body building. Slimming body muscle massager uses very mild electrical current to exercise your muscles. Help to erase that muscle tension, headache, neck tension and foot discomfort, and can be positioned in the exact spot, where pain, aches or weakness is felt. Electronic muscle massager can exercise your muscles, improve blood circulation, promote metabolism, beautify the skin and shape your figure. To be one who is always energetic, always healthy, and enjoy a fitness life, this electronic body massager will give you some really good vibes.

-Massage the acupuncture points of the body, relieve fatigue and improve body functionBurn fat, local slimming, beautifying and cervical vertebra and neck pain
-Suitable for stiff shoulders, chronic lower back pain, neuralgia, rheumatism, leg ache & general fatigue, gastralgia, cervical vertebra and neck pain, toothache, deficiency in energy, menstrual disorder
-Comfortable massageWith 8 massage modes 4 massage pads
-Compact and lightweight design
-Large, oval electrode pads for gentle massage2 output channels
-A & B can be used to treat various parts of the body simultaneously
-Helps relieving tiredness, relaxing muscles, improving blood circulation and burning fat

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Personal Care

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